Torah covers may be necessary to protect the Torah scrolls, but they also serve as a major decorative element of a sanctuary’s interior. When the Ark is opened, the Torahs should glow, both spiritually and visually. You will hear an intake of breath from your congregation as they are moved by the beauty of the covers.

All of our Torah covers are made to order, so that the size and design will be a perfect fit. All are made with wooden yokes, beautiful linings, and openings in the back for easy access. Hand-turned wooden rings for the top of the mantle are also available. A variety of Torah binder styles are available, as well as silk screening or embroidery of dedications. We also create bima and lectern covers, bein gavrahs, and Shabbat tablecloths.

Whether we are making one mantle for a family, or a set of 14 for a Synagogue, our attention to detail is paramount.

Pictured below are Shabbat and High Holiday Torah Covers. Scroll down to see all of our images.

Appliquéd and Embroidered Torah Covers


"Creation" shows the seven days of creation in a modern and graphic way. Each mantle depicts the pivotal element of G-d's work of that day, and each has a hidden Hebrew word as part of the design. Two sets were made; one set for everyday use, and one set for the High Holidays. Rich, elegant and formal metallic neutrals were chosen for the appliqued designs on the High Holiday covers, and vibrant jewel toned colored cottons were chosen the for the fabrics of the everyday mantles. Many of the colorful fabrics are hand dyed or hand painted, giving an additional level of interest and depth to the colors chosen.

Day 1 "Light" "Ohr"

Day 2 "Firmament" "Raq'ia"

Day 3 "Tree" "Etz"

Day 4 "Seasons" "Moadim"

Day 5 "Wing & Fin"

Day 6 "Be Fruitful" "Pru u'rvu"

Day 7 "Delight" "Oneg"

High Holidays Day 1
"Light" "Ohr"

High Holidays Day 2
"Firmament" "Raq'ia"

High Holidays Day 3
"Tree" "Etz"

High Holidays Day 4
"Seasons" "Moadim"

High Holidays Day 5
"Wing & Fin"

High Holidays Day 6
"Be Fruitful" "Pru u'rvu"

High Holidays Day 7
"Delight" "Oneg"

Kehillah's Logo Trees

Four Seasons

Torah cover

Bima cover
This fifth torah cover was added to the existing set of "The Four Seasons" 14 years after the original set was created! I still had the same fabrics was was able to seamlessly (pun intended) add it to the set. The other photo shows the front flap of a new bima cover.

Seven Days of Creation

Stock designs

Five Books of Moses

Ki Mitzion
Etz Chayim

These 2 torah covers were added to the above set 13 years after the originals were made.

Dor L'dor
Etz Chayim Too
Etz Chayim Too Color Variation

Set of Three Torah Covers

Antique Reproductions (in the ark with breastplates and crowns, and then without silver ornaments)


A modern impression of an antique styled mantle.
Striped Torah Cover
Family Tree
Olympics 1972

Created in memory of the athletes killed at those games.

The Shofar Trio

L'Shana Tovah
The twists and turns of this elegantly flowing shofar maps the path we travel with our internal journey of self reflection during the high holiday season.
Sounds of the Shofar
Teki’ah, shevarim, teruah; the sounds that awaken our hearts and enliven our souls to burn ever more brightly.
Shout For Joy
“Shout for joy before the Lord with trumpets and with the shofar." "Bechatzotzerot Vekol Shofar” Psalm 98 Welcome the new year with eighteen shofars.

High Holiday Gems

High Holiday Trio

High Holiday Collection

High Holiday Stained Glass Borders

Antique Repro 2
Antique Shema

High Holiday Gold Square Lace

Lace Couture

High Holiday Etz Chayim

High Holiday Memorial Mantle

Behold it was very good

Rejoice Papercut 1

Hand Woven Torah Covers

Sea and Sky

Cotton warp and weft, hand woven body, borders of upholstery fabric with hand-dyed bands.

This torah cover was inspired by a question: “Why do tallitot have stripes?” The answer is in the phrase: “Blue is like sea, sea is like sky, sky is like the Throne of the Lord” (Sotah 17b), which is embroidered on the top and the bottom borders of this mantle.
The Jews of Croatia

Various cotton and novelty yarn used in both the warp and weft of the hand woven appliquéd elements; velvet background fabric.

This Holocaust Memorial mantle is dedicated to the Jews of Croatia, whose communities date back to the 3rd century. The people of these communities distinguished themselves in trade and medicine. During WWII, 20,000 Jews died in Yugoslavian camps. Today, there are still a few hundred Jews living in the former Yugoslavia.
P'ri Hagafen (Fruit of the Vine)

Cotton warp and variegated chenille weft, all hand woven.

Beautiful shades of red, purple, and gold create a luscious impression of grapes at the height of ripeness.

High Holiday Ivory and Gold

Cotton warp and acrylic weft in body, various novelty yarns in textured border, all hand woven.

Simple and elegant, this ivory mantle shimmers with glints of gold. It is embellished at the bottom with a multi-textured border.
High Holiday Jewel

Cotton Warp/Acrylic Weft; all hand woven.

Bright colors border the classic white of this High Holiday torah cover. Simple, but eye-catching, this cover will glow as it is taken from the ark.

Podium Hangings

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